Release of Liability
Studio C Academy of Dance

Studio C LLC

I, by acknowledgement and complete agreement below, hereby declare both personally and/or as parent and/or legal guardian of the child that is or maybe less than 18 years of age (either party hereafter referred to as I and/or We) the following:
So that I and/or We can enjoy activities for which I may not be skilled I and/or We are informed that there is some inherent unavoidable risks, known and unknown, that may cause harm, loss, personal injury and in the most extreme cases even potentially death, in participating in any course of physical activity. Some risks cannot be avoided without destroying the unique character of these activities and can also be the cause of loss or damage to others, equipment and/or others personal property. Certain risks are indigenous to physical contact sports that involve any form of the martial arts, dance and any other activity that student, client, or spectator willfully engages in relation to or in affiliation with Studio C LLC.

I and /or we expressively agree that I and/or we fully assume 100% complete and full responsibility for all risks described above and/or any of others known or unknown. And hereby hold harmless and release 100% of all and any liability and discharge Studio C LLC.; IKICK martial arts, and/or each and every student, client, Owner, Operator, Officer, Partner, contractor, teacher, employee, agent, representative, and/or assessors or assigns from any and all manners of action or actions, lawsuits, debts, liens, contracts, agreements, promises, insinuations, liabilities, claims, rights, obligations, negligence, damages, loses, and expenses of any nature whatsoever, known and unknown for which I and/or we have may have or may ever hereafter against each and/or every of the above referenced persons and/or entities by reason of use of any of the facilities, participating in any course of exercise , and/or any affiliation whatsoever with the all above.

I and/or We represent that student is in good physical and/or mental condition and that He/She has no impairments, ailments, disabilities or special circumstances to prevent them from undertaking any activity. And that if I and/or We have or become aware of a medical history, disorder, condition, concern, or any other doubt regarding any physical or mental issue that I and/or We should seek the consultation and/or examination of a Professional licensed physician before engaging in any and all activity or affiliation.

Furthermore, none of the parties above can unfortunately be held responsible, accountable, or liable for any and all personal property or public property in care of the undersigned. This includes but is not limited to damage, theft, or destruction of the same thereof and that I and/or We assume 100% full responsibility and risks of such property.

I and/or We finally acknowledge carefully reading, completely understanding, and agreeing 100% with the entire document releasing and discharging all and any future claims known and unknown expressively waiving any rights I may have against any of the above. I and/or We fully realize and understand that this is a binding legal document which completely eliminates any claims and effects any rights I may have with any affiliation specifically with Studio C LLC, all above, successors and/or assigns.